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Malmesbury Tourism Cape Swartland South Africa
Malmesbury Tourism Cape Swartland South Africa


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Malmesbury Location Map Malmesbury Town Centre Map   Abbotsdale, Kalbaskraal, Riverlands & Chatsworth
Location Map Town Centre Wesbank   Abbotsdale, Kalbaskraal, Riverlands & Chatsworth


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Other residential areas around Malmesbury include Abbotsdale, Chatsworth, Ilingelethu, Kalbaskraal and Riverlands.

Abbotsdale lays south-west of Malmesbury on the banks of the Diepriver.  This small residential rural town developed on the farm Olyphantsfontein that was bought in 1856 by Bishop Gray for erecting a mission for the church of the Province of SA. 
Tourist can visit “Ant Sienie se Huisie” on the banks of the Diepriver where they can relive the history of 5 generations who lived there.

During the early 19th century, an American Epicostical Church obtained the farm, Michiel Heynskraal and subsequently a town was established on it.  Buyers all over purchased erven, but the service and infrastructure that were promised never realized.  Subsequently the town was never established.  The name was registered as Chatsworth although the community wanted to call it Riverlands.

In 1973, a compound was erected north of the Darling Road that consisted of 18 hostels and a community hall for about 330 black men.  Woman and children were not allowed in the compound.  Since 1986, problems arose with the influx of woman and children that caused over-population, untidiness and diseases.  Unemployment and the lack of communication worsened the situation.
After an agreement between the community and the Malmesbury Council, the layout of a new residential area for black people was announced in 1991.  The name Ilingelethu (meaning “our own struggle”), was decided upon in 1993 and in 1994 the residents moved into the new area.
The Ilingelethu Thusong Service Centre offers a variety of programmes on skills development eg. the making of traditional clothing and jewellery.  Contact number 022 486 4593.

Established during 1898 when a railway crossing was erected between Malmesbury and Cape Town on the farm Spes Bona.  Kalbaskraal is a small village with an unstructured, rural appearance and a population of about 100 people.  Unfortunately, Kalbaskraal is the victim of modern technology and the railway was replaced by road traffic and trucks.
Die Kraaltjie Multi Purpose Centre has a soup kitchen and produce beautiful hammocks and biltong cutters.
Contact number: 022 481 3561.

During the late 1900’s the railways obtained an area adjacent to Chatsworth and the railway line to build a school and church for the informal residents.  The settlement, “Riverlands” was formed to serve as a water point for passing trains.
Riverlands forms part of the West Coast Biosphere as proclaimed by UNESCO in 2000 to acclaim not only the inherent quality of the West Coast’s beauty, but also the local community’s approach to life and living.
The first Tourism facility will be opening soon when Riverlands Coffee and Bites opens.  One of the entrepreneurs for conference facilities to be developed bought the Moravian Church.


Malmesbury Tourism Cape Swartland South Africa
malmesbury western cape south africa